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Primacy Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier, stockist and distributors of Aluminium Products includes Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Foils, Aluminium Coils, Aluminium Closure Stock/PP Cap Coils, Aluminium Closure PP Cap Coils, Industrial Troughed Sheets, Composite Panel Foils, Aluminium Cathode Plates as well as several other aluminium products, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, industrial rubber products, engineering plastics and material handling products in the market. The lightweight, corrosion resistant, high thermal conductivity and availability makes aluminium one of the most heavily demanded metals in the world.

Demand in Middle East
In the year 2014 to 2015, the demand grew by more than 1.5% compared to the same period the previous year. Industries driving this demand are led by the transport sector followed by foil and packaging firms.

Demand of Aluminium Products
There is a gradual shift from people buying products in heavy bulky bottles to purchase of conveniently canned drinks from retailers, which are light in weight and much easier to handle.

The market for these products is expected to grow by up to 7% per annum in these emerging markets.

Another important factor driving the demand of aluminum is the recycling ability without loss in quality. This has allowed major manufacturers meet the recycling targets and exceed.

Aluminium Plates
The plate is sheet greater than 0.25 inches thickness. It has many industrial applications mainly as storage tanks for various products. Some alloys of aluminium increase in strength with decreasing temperatures. For more information and quote of Aluminium Products, Visit at – or contact below address.

Primacy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Addresss : 303, Satkar Building,
C.G.Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380006
Gujarat, India.
Telephone : +91- 79 – 66069100 / 66069103
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