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CAR PARKING SHADE SIZES LENGTH & WIDTH 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car) 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car) We are Sharjah base Car Parking Shade and tents manufacturing company since 2002. We deliver wide range of Car Parking Shades in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah,Oman, saudi arabia, other Gulf regions like Ajman, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, as well we provide our services in all GCC Countries and Africa with standard and custom designs and requirements. Our most Used Low price Parking Shade is Cantilever Car Parking Shades which are available in most competitive price and these shades are best solution for car parking lot. OUR CAR PARKING SHADES:? ARCH DESIGN PARKING SHADES PYRAMID CAR PARKING SHADE CONE SINGLE-POLE PARKING SHADES CONICAL CAR PARKING SHADES TOP SUPPORT PARKING SHADE SAIL CAR PARKING SHADES PYRAMID TOP SUPPORT PARKING SHADE UMBRELLA CAR PARKING SHADES WAVE DESIGN PARKING SHADES K-SPAN CAR PARKING SHADE BOTTOM SUPPORT PARKING SHADES BOTTOM SUPPORT PYRAMID PARKING SHEDS CAR PARKING SHADES FABRIC: We are expert manufacturers and suppliers as we use world high cl***** fabrics like PVC, PVDF, PTFE, HDPE for the car parking shades structure which increase the safety of your cars more efficiently and effectively and very much helpful for the UAE weather and maintain the gloss, shine and protect the car. List of Parking Shades Fabrics Use for the manufacturing of Car parking sheds are: HDPE FABRIC CAR PARKING SHEDS High Density Polyethylene Commercial 95 is a high quality knitted fabric, specially designed for car parking shade area, tensile structures and awning shades. HDPE Commercial 95 is manufactured using high quality ingredients that have been selected for their resistance to ultra violet light degradation. HDPE fabric is available in both waterproof and non waterproof material depending on the clients demands we use it for the car park sheds. This parking shade fabric cover is the most cost effective from all other parking cover fabrics. Parking shade HDPE commercial 95 fabric carries 10 year UV Degradation warranty. Engineered in Australia to offer the ultimate combination of maximum protection, strength and durability. Commercial 95 340 parking sheds cover fabric has been specifically designed and constructed to provide UV block up to 98% safer outdoor environments which can be utilizes for longer periods. PVC CAR PARKING SHED FABRIC: We offer (Poly Vinyl Chloride) PVC Parking sheds which are long lasting and most durable Car parking sheds. PVC fabric has a lot of qualities like excellent light fastness. Good heat insulation. Resistant cold. Heat preservation. UV resistant. 100% Waterproof and Durable. Excellent tensile, tear and adhesion strength. PVC fabric is an ideal material of parking sheds and is most economical solution for parking areas. We use 650-gsm PVC fabric for our car parking shade structures to provide maximum protection to vehicles from the burning sun and maintain the color and heat of the car. All the test do*****entations and certification will be provided. GRP SHEET CAR PARKING SHADES Gl***** Reinforced Plastic GRP Sun Shades for Car Parking protect vehicles from radiant solar temperature gain as well as provide limited blowing dust and rain at a very low cost. GRP Car Parking Shed Designs provide maximum protection from burning UV sun rays and offer strength, weight and corrosion resistance advantages for harsh operating environments. GRP Sheet has low thermal conductivity which makes it ideal for the designs of parking sheds. All the test do*****ents and certification will be provided. FRP SHEET PARKING SHADES We Provide best quality Fiber Gl***** Reinforced FRP sheet parking shades in exclusive designs and pleasing translucent and opaque colors. FRP Sheets Car Park Sheds are fabricated using superior quality material in various standards as well as non standard sizes and thickness. FRP car sheds has a lot of qualities like they are very much cost effective, durable & long lasting, dimensional, fade resistant, heat resistant, water proof, wear resisting, adhesive, odorless, corrugated etc. FRP Sheets shades protect cars from U.V Rays by using imported U.V stabilized Resin.. These shades have specially formulated top layer to retards the effect of abrasion, erosion and enhances the product life. Consistency of uniform thickness throughout the sheet ensures good quality and high mechanical strength. PTFE CAR PARK SHADES Poly Tetra FLOURO Ethylene PTFE Car Shades are the most strong and expensive parking shades with the life warranty of 30 years. PTFE Fabric is chemically inert, capable of withstanding temperature from -100 F to +450 F (-73 C to +232 C). The low surface free energy of the material creates a surface which is readily cleaned by rainwater. PTFE is also completely immune to UV degradation. PTFE fibergl***** parking shade structures have been constructed around the world with acceptance by British, French, Italian, Australian, Japanese and German National standards, as well as guidelines set up by the American Society for Testing and Materials. PTFE membrane can be installed in climates ranging from very low temperature (Cold Areas) to the highest temperature (Hot Areas) with an expected project life exceeding 30 years. COMPANY OBJECTIVE It is the policy and objective Car Parking Shades Manufacturing and Supplying Company to produce superior quality parking sheds suitable for the clients intended use with regard to structural integrity, design, and conformance to establish industry standards and practices. It is commitment of this Company to meet these objectives in a manner which provides consistency of car parking shed structure quality, Optimum availability and superior customer service, while maintaining efficiency of operations and profitability necessary to perpetuate product improvement and customer satisfaction.. More it is recognized that the attainment of these objectives is the responsibility of all Company operations according to their respective functions. PARKING SHED AREAS By considering the architecture of new generation, Offers the best solutions for many of your requirements for car parking sheds structures in UAE. Our Specialized areas for car parking shade structure are Commercial standards, Hotel parking, School Car parking, Play Ground Parking. Residential Building Parking. Cultural Buildings and more. CAR PARKING SHADES ADVANTAGES: Increase Protection of cars from burning Sun. Eliminate Dashboard cracking. Keep safe your electronics in the car. Minimize the Heat in the Car. Maintain the Glow and Shine of the body of car. Keep you cars wind screen safe from cracking. Car Park Shades in Alain. CAR PARK SHADES. Pyramid Car Park Shades.Cantiliver Car Park Sahdes.Car Park Shades.ARCHITECTURAL SHADE STRUCTURES SWIMMING POOL SHADES School courtyard shades ROOF CANOPIES Theme Parks shades CAR PARK SHADES Large Span Vehicle Storage Fabric ceilings TEMPORARY ALUMINIUM TENTS Agricultural shades PARTY TENTS WOODEN PERGOLA Mall Shades Roof Canopies Car park Shades Stadium Shades School Courtyard Agriculture Shades Architectural Shades Swimming Pool Shades Childrens Play Area Shades Theme Park Shades Contact Us E-MAIL Address: 6 Street #43 - Sharjah United Arab Emirates. CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIER 0543839003

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