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As technology in general goes washing machines are simple appliances and require straightforward washing machine repair. Dubai householders will confirm, however, that as far as household appliances go, washing machines give more trouble than all the other appliances in their homes put together. Well, that’s because they are relatively complex machines. Any washer must be able to wash, rinse and dry at a variety of temperatures and other settings. Think of the limited size of the average washer and you will agree that they are quite impressive appliances. And, while not exactly rocket science, fixing a washer does take training, knowledge and skill. Many people might be using appliances with known dangerous faults that could be made safe, but are completely unaware of the dangers because they have either moved house, or never registered the appliance. Washing machines or tumble dryers running when no one is in the house and especially when people are in bed! Risks involved in leaving a washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher running when out or in bed.
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