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BUASHWAN A/C & Refrigerator Maintenance
Tel: 055-6688453
Cell: 04-2693372 04-2631292
SUPRA Semi and Automatic Washing Machine Repair Service.
AFTRON Dryer Repair Service.
COOLINE Fridge Repair.
BOSCH Refrigerator Repair.
ELECTROLUX Fridge Repair Service.
White Wastinghouse Refrigerator Chiller Service Repair.
GREE Washer & Daryer Service Repair.
HOOVER Chiller Repair Maintenance.
SAMSUNG Ice Maker Service Repair.
SANSUI Ice Maker Maintenance Fixing.
Nikai Fridge & Chiller Repair Service Fixing.
Panasonic Fridge Maintenance & Fixing.
Indesit Top Door Washing Machine Dryer Repair.
SUPRA Front Door Washer Dryer Repair Fixing.
AFTRON No Frost Fridge Service Repair.
COOLINE No Frost Refrigerator Service Cleaning.
BOSCH No Frost Chiller Maintenance Repair.
ELECTROLUX Dryer Maintenance and Fixing.
White Wastinghouse Dryer Repair Maintenance.
GREE Washing Machine Installation.
HOOVER Dryer Installation.
SAMSUNG Refrigerator & Fridge Installation.
SANSUI Laundry Washer and Dryer Repairing.
Nikai Washer Dryer Repairing Workshop.
Panasonic Refrigerator & Fridge Repairing Workshop.
Indesit Chiller Maintenance Repair Shop.
SUPRA Front Load Washer and Dryer Service Repair.
AFTRON Top Load Washing Machine Dry Repair Shop.
COOLINE French Door Fridge Service Repair in Dubai.
BOSCH Side By Side Refrigerator Fridge Service Repair.
ELECTROLUX Top Mount Fridge & Refrigrtstor Fixing Repair.
White Wastinghouse Bottom Mount Refrigerator Fixing Repair.
GREE Gas refilling in shop chiller.
HOOVER Freon refill refilling charging in fridge and refrigerator.
SAMSUNG Refrigerator fridge gas charging.
SANSUI Walk in chiller gas refill.
Nikai Diswasher Repair Maintenance.
Panasonic Diswasher Maintenance Service.
Indesit Home Dishwash Service Repair.
SUPRA Cooking Range Repair Service.
AFTRON Electrical Stove Repair Maintenance.
COOLINE Electrical Cooker Repair Service.
BOSCH Hot Plate Replacement of Cooking Range.
ELECTROLUX Vacuum Cleaner Repair.
White Wastinghouse Vacuum claener Parts Replacement.
GREE vacuum cleaner Maintenance.
HOOVER Microwave Oven Repair.
SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Service.
SANSUI Microwave Over Overall Maintenance.
Nikai Home Appliances Repair Service.
Panasonic Home Appliances Service Repair.
BUASHWAN A/C & Refrigerator Maintenance
Tel: 055 6688453
Cell: 04 263-1292 04-2693372
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