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While using your HP device for the fax purposes, you might confront some error codes occasionally. One such error which is commonly faced by the users during the fax process is HP fax error 388. However, a common user belonging to a non-technical background might not be able to know the meaning of this error. Apart from this, he might not also get to know the factors liable for the same. Therefore, to know more about this error and the methods to resolve it, you can continue to read this blog.

Quick solutions to fix the HP fax errors codes
If you are unable to send a fax from your fax machine, then you might perform these solutions to get rid of these errors on a quick basis. Because of this error, the document to be faxed might not go the full way in the machine. In case you have previously checked the phone line and everything seems to be working just perfectly, then you might try the solutions provided in this troubleshooting guide. If these solutions also fail to help, then you should consult our experts for instant assistance.

Fix 1- Run a fax test
To run a fax test, follow the steps mentioned below:

Open the Control Panel of your printer.
Now, click on the ‘Fax’ button.
Subsequently, you need to swipe up and choose the ‘Setup’ option.
Now, you need to choose the ‘Tools’ menu.
Followed by it, choose the ‘Test Fax’ option.
When you do that, your printer will also let you know the status of your machine.
When the Fax Test report is printed, you further require to check this document.

Fix 2- re-establish the connection
In case the above solutions failed to help you in resolving the HP Fax error 388, then you should try to re-establish the connection between your phone line as well as the fax machine. Enhance the telephone line and then attempt to fax once again.

Fix 3- check the connections of the printer or fax machine
In case you couldn’t fax even after trying these solutions, then you may go for this one as the final problem-solving technique. All you require to do is detach all the cables and then plug the power cord back directly into the wall socket. Don’t use any extension cord for providing the power to your fax machine.

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