4 Important Points That You Should Not Miss for Advertising on WhatsApp!

4 Important Points That You Should Not Miss for Advertising on WhatsApp!

These days businesses want to have appropriate advertising and the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way for advertising is to use popular messengers such as WhatsApp. Using this atmosphere, you can advertise your services and products. Advertising on WhatsApp is not as easy as writing a text and sending it to audiences. if you want to do advertising on WhatsApp manually you should know it is an intolerable and time-consuming operation.

In the following, we want to explain to you why advertising on WhatsApp is intolerable to be done manually. You will know the tools that can help you in advertising operations. Stay with us…

Methods of Advertising on WhatsApp

As you know there are two ways to advertise on WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp group advertising
  • Sending bulk messages to people’s private chats on WhatsApp

Because the number of group members on WhatsApp is limited and your advertising message is not seen by many people WhatsApp group advertising is not recommended. In addition, your advertising message may not be seen among the many messages sent to the group and will not attract much attention.

The most effective way to advertise on WhatsApp is to send messages to people in private chats because people often pay special attention to the messages they receive in their private chats. But before advertising using this method, you must answer a few important questions.

  • To whom should you send your advertising messages? (Who are your target audiences?)
  • How to find the phone number of your target contacts?
  • How should your advertising text be written to be most effective?
  • What tools should you use for advertising on WhatsApp?

Stay with us until the end of this article to discover the answers to these questions.

  1. To whom should you send your advertising messages?

If you want your advertising to get good feedback, you need to identify your target audience well. If you send your advertising message to people who are interested in your field of activity, they will pay attention to your message, increase inbound traffic to your site or page engagement rate, and are more likely to become your customers. If you send your message to a group of people who have no relationship, need or interest in your field, they will most likely ignore your message and may also report to WhatsApp that you have harassed them. In this way, you are wasting your time, energy, and money. As a result, it is in your interest to find customers, contacts, and members of your competitor’s group or businesses related to your field of business, send them your advertising message, and let them know about your business.

  1. How to find the phone number of your target contacts?

Using the tools that we will introduce to you at the end of this article (such as software or bots), it is possible to extract people’s phone numbers from WhatsApp, Telegram, and advertising websites such as “gify.com” and “unsplash.com”. If you find groups related to your field of business by searching the internet, you can easily extract your target contact number bank by using these tools. Advertising websites also have categories that by using these tools and referring to website categories such as the type of advertisement or city and province, you can choose the phone number of your contacts more purposefully.

  1. How to write the text of your advertising message to have the most impact?

Always send a message with a greeting. If possible, address the recipient of the message with the appropriate name and titles (such as lady, gentleman, doctor, engineer, friend, etc.). Write the text of the message in a friendly way. The recipient of the message should not feel that the message is merely an advertising message, so you should consider a good message text to encourage the audience to visit your page or site and interact with you.

  1. What tools do you use for advertising on WhatsApp?

As we mentioned above, advertising on WhatsApp will face many challenges for you. Extracting the target phone number from various sources and preparing the target number bank manually is not possible and you need the right tools to do this.

WhatsApp itself considers restrictions on the number of messages that can be sent daily to monopolize advertising on this platform. If you want to send messages to acquaintances (people who have chatted with you before and have saved your number on their phone) you will not face any restrictions and you are free. But for strangers (people who do not have your number saved and have not chatted with you so far) WhatsApp does not allow you to send more than 100 messages with each line per day privately. This number of messages is a very low number for effective advertising, but you can increase the number of your daily posts at a small cost by providing real or virtual lines.

As you can guess, managing several lines and sending messages to each of the numbers in the number bank manually is boring and often impossible, and this requires the right tools to automate this process.

Using The Virtual User WhatsApp Advertising Software, you can automate all steps of advertising in these messengers. This software extracts the phone numbers and names of all members of your intended WhatsApp groups and delivers them to you in an Excel file. The important point is that this software can work with any number of WhatsApp lines and automatically switch these lines before reaching WhatsApp restrictions. You can provide the software with the text of your message to send to the list of phone numbers of your target contacts automatically without your intervention to prevent wasting your time and energy and move things forward quickly.

Finally, we have explained advertising on WhatsApp and answered some questions about the importance of advertising in people’s private chats. In this article, you have learned how you should choose your target audiences and how you should write promotional messages.