How to Plan the Best Event for Your Employees

How to Plan the Best Event for Your Employees

Employee events can help with motivation and at-work performance, and you might even find that your employees take fewer sick days by showing that you care. This means that you should take great pains to put on the best possible event for them, especially if you want to thank and congratulate your team members for working so hard and helping you grow your company. As such, here are some of the top tips that you can follow to plan a great and memorable event for your staff.

  • Find the Perfect Venue

Once you have established the benefits of an employee party, you will not get very far in your event planning without the perfect venue. To make sure that you have enough space to accommodate all your employees without your event feeling cramped, you should look around for a large venue that is close to your place of work. This is not the only important aspect that you should look for in a venue, though. Instead, you also need to make sure that this venue is equipped with all the corporate party facilities that you require and that the staff here are experienced at running business events. This will ensure that the event goes smoothly and that your employees can spend time in an elegant and sophisticated venue that will make the evening feel special. You should always visit the venue in question before booking it, though, to ensure that it is the right choice for your business.

  • Make it Fun

Although you might be tempted to make your event educational and pair it with the training courses that you have in mind, this could put your employees off attending and could mean that the event is more for your benefit than your employees. This means that you should take the time to make your event as fun as possible so that your team has a chance to let off steam and enjoy themselves. For instance, you might decide to run a disco or a photo booth, and you might want to keep corporate branding to a minimum. You should take the chance to get to know your team and, you might even find that, regardless of the activities that you plan, the event becomes a great natural team-building opportunity as your staff see new sides of each other.

  • Book in Advance

If you book your event at the last minute, you might find that you have to opt for your second or third choice and that you are not able to give your team the event that you have promised them. This means that you should look ahead and start planning your party months in advance, especially if this is going to be held around the holidays. By doing this, you will be checking that you can get what you want and that your employees have time to make arrangements, such as childcare, so that they can attend the party in question. By booking in advance, you will also be able to increase the anticipation for your event and make certain that your entire team is buzzing about it by the time it comes around.