Moving to a New Home in Dubai: Your 5-Point To-Do List

Moving to a New Home in Dubai: Your 5-Point To-Do List

Setting up a new home is a process that’s every bit as exciting as it is overwhelming for most people. On one hand, It’s a new beginning, a fresh start and an opportunity to make a living space truly yours. On the other hand, it can be quite an undertaking, turning an empty canvas into a functional, comfortable and beautiful home.

To help you mould this new place into your forever home in as little time and with as little stress as possible, here’s a mini to-do list to get you started.

1. Schedule Home Improvements

You probably went through a few rounds of house-hunting before finally deciding on this one. Now that it’s yours, is it customised to your needs and taste?

Think about this: Do you need to install a few more bookshelves in your study? Or perhaps an extra row of cabinets in the kitchen? Maybe a new electrical socket by your bedside table? Or a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the walls?

Take some time to walk through each room and note down what needs to be fixed, upgraded or added, then call in a reliable handyman service to work through this list.

For even the most accomplished DIYers, taking on an entire house’s repair and renovation work is a challenge. And since the whole point here is to make this home set-up process more manageable, it’s best to delegate these tasks to a professional.

2. Ensure the Utilities Are Set Up

Are all the electrical connections and equipment working properly? Are there any issues with the plumbing, like blocked drains or leaky pipes? Are your fire alarm system’s valves, circuit breakers and smoke detectors up-to-date and fully functional?

A home is only a home when it has all the basic utilities you need to live comfortably. Inspect and test your new house’s appliances, systems and fixtures before you settle in. Getting those repairs done before you move in, rather than after, is always easier.

While on the topic of utilities, you also need to square away your Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) subscription. DEWA is the only provider of water and electricity services in Dubai, so depending on whether you’re newly moving to the city or relocating from another address, you may have to either apply for a new account or transfer your existing connection.

3. Pre-Clean Your New Home

After all the improvements and repairs are done, there’s bound to be a lot of dust and debris, traces of paint, and maybe even some stray tools lying about. This is not to mention what the previous owners or tenants may have left behind.

So, before moving in your furniture and unpacking, schedule a deep pre-move-in cleaning session. This can include dusting, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting all surfaces and floors, wiping down all the windows and light fixtures, and shampooing the carpets and upholstery.

On this cleaning spree, you might also want to book an AC check-up. All this dust and grime may have accumulated in the ducts, coils and filters, so for your and your family’s health, look up providers of the best AC maintenance in Dubai and have them give your new cooling system a thorough clean before you start using it.

4. Transfer or Set Up Your Internet Connection

Internet access is essential for most people, especially if you work from home or have kids who need it for online learning and school projects.

In Dubai, there are two main home internet service providers: Du and Etisalat. If you’re only changing addresses, you can move your existing service with you. However, if you’re new to Dubai, you may have to research each vendor’s packages and offers, speed and coverage in your area, contract terms and customer support ratings to choose the best option for you.

In either case, tackle this task at least a week before your move-in date since you’ll need time to schedule the installation appointment and set up the router and modem in your new home.

5. Install a Home Security System

Dubai is one of the safest cities on earth, but taking extra precautions to ensure your home and loved ones are secure is always a good idea. Something basic like an alarm system and security cameras is enough to deter or alert you of any uninvited visitors.

Settling Into Your New Home

With all this pre-planning and prep work done, you can now focus on the best part: making this new place feel like home.

Unpack your furniture, arrange them in a way that feels natural and functional to you, add a few personal touches like wall posters, photographs or vacation mementoes, and remember to take a moment in the middle of all this to appreciate the start of this new chapter in your life.