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Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker | Major Differences

2 years ago

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Business Description

Importers are often advised to hire freight forwarders or customs brokers to ship goods internationally. Now you must be thinking does the two differ? Well, definitely, it does vary. With the help of their expertise and guidance, freight forwarding companies in Dubai can make a smooth flow of goods. Both freight forwarders and Custom Brokers share similar operations and areas. However, their expertise differs. Let us know their similarities and difference in detail below.

Freight forwarder – Meaning

The role of a freight forwarding company is to act as an intermediary between the shippers and the shipping companies. Their goal is to make the freight forwarding process more effortless by transporting and storing the goods on behalf of businesses. Freight Forwarders in Dubai make sure that your goods are transported safely to the final destination with minimum disruptions during the voyage.

In many cases, shippers have to face certain unforeseen circumstances during transportation. In such cases, freight forwarders act as a permanent solution to your everyday shipping needs. Businesses don’t have to invest their time and effort in these complex logistics situations. They can now save money and time using the right freight forwarding company in Dubai, Like SLR shipping services LLC.

Customs Broker – Meaning

A customs broker can be both an expert or business licensed to carry out the customs clearance process for importers and exporters looking for a reliable solution for their shipment. They are eligible to carry out the various customs duties that involve port of entry procedures, admission requirements, freight classification, freight evaluation, and financial details such as payment of duties and taxes. Their goal is to provide a smooth solution to businesses looking for effective customs clearance solutions.

Sometimes businesses are capable of handling their logistics process efficiently. However, handling customs clearance is not easy for everyone. Arranging the correct documents, paying duties and taxes, licensing, and effective networking with the customs department is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is where businesses choose Customs brokers rather than freight forwarders in Dubai.

Significant differences between Freight Forwarders and Customs Broker

On the one hand, freight forwarding companies in Dubai acts as the intermediary between the importers/exporters and the shipping companies. While on the other hand, customs brokers provide services between the shipper and the customs clearance department.

Freight forwarders carry a wide range of duties for the entire logistics process, while the Customs Broker has only specific responsibilities for the logistics process.

The goal of a customs broker is to handle only imports, while the freight forwarders in Dubai carry both import and export activities.

Many freight forwarders like SLR shipping services also provide a customs clearance facility. However, the Customs Brokers handle only customs services.

Final Thoughts

Both freight forwarders and Customs Brokers are specialized for carrying out different purposes. While the freight forwarders in Dubai have a broad range of services, the Customs Brokers specialize only for specific services. You can choose them according to your needs and preferences. If you can handle the transportation process effectively, you need to hire a Customs Broker for the imports.

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