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Type II or type 2 diabetes is one of the rare diseases that it is not caused by a microbe or vaccination impurity. In Asian populations the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes was 1.55 percent higher in those who consumed the most rice compared with those with little rice intake. The glucoflow vast majority of the members of the medical profession have made the imaginative jump that being overweight causes type diabetes. In fact, to look at the effects, examine the lifestyle of the people of France.

It is amazing that so many mainstream doctors don't tell their type II diabetic patients that the major reason for their disease is man made fats such as trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated oils, canola oil, etc. Keep in mind when you have extra fat, particularly around your abdominal area, you throw your body into a hormonal imbalance. Muscle is a major factor in clearance of circulating blood glucose.

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