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Maxx Power Libido The well-known formula of eating less and exercising more to lose weight is outdated, untrue and unsustainable. Some Maxx Power Libido-ers report staying in Maxx Power Libido in varying amounts of carbs and protein. Simply add up your total calories from protein and carbs, then subtract the total from 100 to get your total calories of fat. In 2008, a team of researchers from Spain examined how a Mediterranean-infused Maxx Power Libido diet impacts weight-loss. Like the Maxx Power Libido diet, the subjects aimed to eat 20 grams of carbohydrates per day or less for a 2-3 month induction phase; then, they were asked to eat 50 grams of carbohydrates daily for the following 9-10 months. The next group of 79 followed the LEARN Diet” which contained less than 10% of its calories from saturated fats and 55% to 60% of its calories from carbohydrates.

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