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BoilX Therefore, in the summer you need to use sunscreen and wear dark glasses to avoid the formation of facial wrinkles when squinting. Any skin needs regular hydration. To do this, every morning you need to apply a moisturizer on it, selected taking into account the type of skin. At the same time, one must not forget about the neck, décolleté zone and hands, which give the woman's age as clearly as her face. The skin around the eyes is so thin that the wrinkles on it are quite pronounced. It must be moisturized not only with creams, but also make special masks . Careful removal of makeup before bedtime also helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin. As a mask, you can use olive oil, to which two drops of peach or almond oil are added. This composition is applied with gentle movements to the skin of the eyelids and washed off after a quarter of an hour. In order to prevent wrinkles from appearing ahead of time, it is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only smoking, but even being in a smoky room negatively affects the condition of the skin. Proper nutrition, which includes a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables containing vitamins of groups A, E, C, also helps against the first wrinkles. In winter, lips suffer from wind and frost. They become dry, weathered, begin to peel off, painful cracks appear on them, and a red border forms around the lips. Such problems give women and men a lot of trouble. In winter, you can protect your lips with the help of special cosmetics and properly selected lipstick . Lip balms are indispensable in the cold season . Their only drawback is that they do not give lips color. If you need color, choose balms with pink shades or shining particles. The latter also add volume to the lips. Balms can be used as a base for lipstick. For winter, lipstick is better to choose nutritious, based on fat and beeswax. However, it has a matte texture and is not able to add volume to the lips.

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