kubernetes certification

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Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is a leading open-source-based container orchestration system. It is used for the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Containerisation helps to package an application and deploy them quickly and easily without worrying about the versions of dependent libraries, components, or the OS. Kubernetes makes sure that the containers run without fail and get the required resources to perform as expected. If a container has to be run on multiple instances in order to ensure high availability of applications, as many container images have to be created with intelligent load balancing, monitoring, failover management, etc. Kubernetes with its rich and advanced features makes that easy, efficient, and automated. Kubernetes does that by running multiple nodes of the container host and managing the networking, communication, and control of all of them. It is a highly popular solution that works with all leading cloud service providers, containerization services like Docker, LXC, etc., and also various networking and storage vendors. Built for the future, Kubernetes is an integral part of the modern IT infrastructure and the time is now to know about it.

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