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Danial Schön is the President of Schön Group, one of the largest family businesses
in Pakistan. Danial was born in New Jersey, USA, and grew up between Karachi,
Pakistan and Manhattan, New York.
His father, Tahir H Schön, Chairman of Schon Group, had built one of the most
successful textiles businesses, which eventually from 1985-1995 grew the group into
an Airline, Bank, Fiber Production Plant, Carpet Manufacturing Facility, Capital
Brokerage, Television Network, Oil Refining and Islamic Finance House. In 1996,
the family faced political victimization and moved their global headquarters to
Dubai. He did his high school from the American School of Dubai and went to
university at the prestigious Kelly School of Business, Indiana University
Danial joined the family business at the age of 21 after studying at the Kelley School
of Business, Indiana Bloomington, and he made his first commission deal of USD $
27 million at the age of 22. In 2008, he set up a 300,000 MT fertilizer plant in
Haripur, Pakistan with a market value of USD $ 100 million.
Thereon, he saw highs and lows of the Dubai real estate market with the crash of
2009 – 2012, wherein Danial successfully raised over USD $ 150 Million funding for
development projects. In 2015 he delivered 1.65 Million Square feet of property in
Dubai and invested in transport and fitness sectors. In the same year, he diversified
investments into the US property market and UK property market.
In 2017, with perfect timing, he sold a huge landbank in Dubai to an investor for a
handsome profit in Dubai and began to focus on real estate development in Pakistan.
His group carries a USD $ 2 Billion global portfolio.
In 2019, his full focus is on technology investments in Pakistan, dubbing it as “one of
the most undervalued property markets in the World.”
Danial has upheld the Schön family legacy of renowned entrepreneurs with his
charismatic flair and leadership skills in the global business markets.
As a passion, Danial is focusing on philanthropic activities in Pakistan focusing
specifically on healthcare and entrepreneurship. Having launched a private
endowment wherein aspiring businesspersons are given loans to start businesses.
His belief is, “Enterprise and entrepreneurship have the ability to solve all social
problems, hence, it is an entrepreneur’s duty to work in promoting this direction.”

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