A Wedding Dress for Every Season: A Guide for Brides

A Wedding Dress for Every Season: A Guide for Brides

Springtime holds the record for most weddings around the world. People believe it to be the best season to have this kind of event because it signifies new beginnings, much like weddings to a couple.

But while spring is considered the best time to get married, that doesn’t mean it’s your only choice. Weddings can happen anytime and in any season throughout the year. This is one of the primary reasons designers create different silhouettes and styles for wedding gowns.

With so many designs to choose from, you must consider factors like the weather and season when shopping for bridal dresses. This article can help you narrow down your options based on the season that your wedding date falls into.


While not many people get married during winter, some couples still choose this time of the year to exchange vows. If you’re one of them, you have to consider the temperature when picking out your gown.

Of course, this doesn’t automatically make turtlenecks and cashmere your only options. You can choose an appropriate gown for the season with more coverage while still as elegant and stunning as dresses with low backs or bare shoulders.

The key is to maintain a balance between style and comfort.

Winter wedding trends also point out that, even though sleeves are given for a gown to be worn during the cold season, it can still become part of a fashionable ensemble. Be it poofs or puffs, designers use a wide range of sleeve styles that offer comfortable coverage without sacrificing chic and sensational style.

You can also choose a sleek silhouetted dress with a column shape made with a low V back and sheer lace shoulders that look sophisticated and ultra-feminine.


Many women desire to become the most beautiful spring bride. Of course, considering the number of couples getting married during this time of the year, you may have a lot of competition if this is what you’re after.

Still, you must remember that, at your wedding, you will be the star of the show, regardless of what other spring brides look like. More importantly, your future husband will only have his eyes on you, especially when you enter the room with a spring-themed gown.

If you’re not a fan of ruffled skirts and sleeves, you can still get that comfy springtime look with a dress with delicate, loose ruffles along the neckline. This bridal gown silhouette is simple yet elegant when matched with a column-shaped dress with a mini-train, a V-neck, and a low back.


Summer months are much warmer, especially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This means your wedding dress must also be appropriate for the weather.

Choose a bridal dress made from lightweight materials to ensure that you remain cool and collected during your special day. The style should only drape softly over your skin and not fit tightly.

One material that is perfect for both is silk. As a natural fiber, silk is breathable and will keep you cool even when the humidity makes most people feel sticky during an outdoor gathering.

You should not rule out lace, either. Remember that this material is naturally delicate and see-through, which makes for a breezy bridal outfit. As for the no-nos, designers don’t recommend heavy laces, as they may be too warm to wear in the summer.

Chiffon dresses will let you move beautifully as you walk down the aisle in a summer breeze. These types of fabric create a billowing look that is also great for rustic or boho-themed weddings.

Remember to steer clear of tight-fitting mermaid dresses. It may be a bit inappropriate for outdoor summer weddings as it gives off that red carpet vibe and keeps your legs close together. Instead, go for a silhouette that allows you to get moving, like the A-line.

If your traditions allow, you can also go for short-skirted dresses. Besides allowing air to circulate around your legs, these shorter outfits won’t get dirty even as you walk on the grass or beach.


Autumn is another excellent season for getting married because of the comfortable weather and changes in nature it comes with. However, autumn brides must think about all the details more thoroughly than girls marrying in spring or summer.

If you schedule your wedding during the fall, choose a bridal dress with sleeves to stay comfortable as it gets colder. Even sleeves made of lace material should work as it’s much better than baring your shoulders to the cool autumn air.

Slightly thicker fabrics are recommended for autumn weddings. Brides can choose from brocade and organza, satin, or taffeta. Of course, you can still make your dream silk or chiffon wedding outfit a reality. Just make sure that it comes with a shawl or a capelet.

While silhouettes for fall wedding gowns don’t necessarily depend on the weather, you should stick to convenient options like A-line and sheath bridal dresses. Avoid ball gowns as they cause uneasiness with their multiple skirts, especially on a rainy day.

Another vital issue autumn that brides need to think about when choosing wedding dresses is their length. Choose a wedding dress that’s not too long. The rule of thumb is to keep the hemline at least one inch above the ground (account for the height of your heels if needed).

Also, consider your wedding venue when thinking about this aspect of the dress. Gown trains can be inconvenient for outdoor fall weddings because of the dirt. Of course, you can wear a dress with a detachable train or one that can be lifted.

Still, dresses without a train or even high-low, tea-length, short dresses help you avoid going through all that trouble on your wedding day.

A Bride for Any Season

Brides have plenty of considerations when it comes to wedding dresses. However, the season is one of the most important as it affects comfort, style, and convenience. There’s no such thing as a gown for all seasons, but you can be a bride for any season if you browse through the best bridal shops in the UAE and use this article as a guide.