How to obtain Medical Insurance Policy for visiting Ukraine

How to obtain Medical Insurance Policy for visiting Ukraine

What is medical insurance for foreigners in Ukraine?

Health insurance policy for foreigners in Ukraine serve as a vital safety net, offering immediate financial support during medical emergencies. This policy operates as agreement between policyholders and insurance companies, ensuring coverage for expenses resulting from illness, injury, or accidents, including transportation to medical facilities, diagnostic procedures, medication purchases, and more.

Who needs medical insurance policy for visiting Ukraine?

For foreigners, possessing a health insurance policy is essential for various circumstances, including:

  • Securing any type of visa to Ukraine
  • Entry into Ukraine for any reason
  • Obtaining or renewing a temporary residential permit (posvidka)

What are requirements for Health Insurance Policy for foreigners in Ukraine?

When applying for a visa, the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum insurance coverage of 30,000 EUR
  • Policy validity spanning the entire duration of the visa

For obtaining a temporary residence permit:

  • Minimum insurance coverage of 40,000 UAH
  • Policy validity for the entire duration of the residential permit

In other cases:

  • Minimum insurance coverage of 30,000 EUR
  • Policy validity throughout the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine

Can insurance coverage be extended to 13 months?

As per Ukrainian legislation, insurance agreements typically have a maximum validity of one year. To cover a period of 13 months, there is only one option – to obtain both an annual policy and a one-month policy, totaling 12+1 months.

Which medical services included in this insurance?

Health insurance in Ukraine typically consist of:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Emergency inpatient care
  • Expenses associated with a foreigner’s deportation

Where to obtain insurance policy for entry into Ukraine?

Insurance policy¬†can be conveniently obtained online through authorized platforms like This service, operational since 2020, offers a user-friendly interface accessible 24/7. The process, which usually takes around 5 minutes, requires only a passport. Simply select the insured person’s age, purpose of travel, desired policy duration, provide personal details, and complete payment using any credit card. Upon successful transaction, the insurance policy is promptly delivered to your email for printing or saving on your smartphone.