How to Wear Abaya – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Wear Abaya – A Step-by-Step Guide

The abaya is a modest fashion outfit worn by Muslim women to conceal their bodies. It is a traditional attire that comes in a loose-fitting to hinder a revealing look. It is a popular culture and a symbol of religious adherence in various regions having Muslim communities including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. It is the epitome of modesty not neglecting your styling preferences. An abaya comes in various colors and styles. Black is the trendiest.

Importance of Wearing the Abaya Correctly and Respectfully

Modest outfits such as the Abaya are a religious obligation in Islamic culture and therefore have significant value for wearing it correctly and respectfully. It is not just a matter of clothing; it’s a way for women to express their faith, cultural identity, and modesty.

Modesty and Piety

It is preferred by Muslim women to uphold the Islamic principle of modesty and discouragement of revealing clothing. By covering their body as instructed, women can illustrate their devotion to faith and maintain modesty.

Cultural and Religious Identity

By wearing Abaya Correctly and Respectfully, a woman represents her religious and cultural identity. It shows where that woman belongs and the way she adheres to her traditions and customs.

Spiritual Connection

For Muslim women, wearing the abaya is a matter of personal and spiritual choice. It helps foster a deep connection with their faith and constantly reminds them of their religious obligations and commitment to God.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Abaya

Choosing the right Abaya that suits any occasion and gives you an elegant look can be confusing. Don’t worry ladies! We are here with a guide. You need to consider these factors before selecting a perfect abaya for you that enhances your modesty, beauty, and style.


Whenever it comes to Abaya, Fabric comes forefront. The climate you are facing might be different from other regions so you should carefully consider which fabric suits best in your area for that particular weather. Opt for lighter fabrics like cotton or linen for warm weather. On the other hand, choose heavier fabrics like wool or jersey for warmth in colder climates.


You should be familiar to select the particular Abaya. If you are considering having it for casual wear, make sure it’s simple and sophisticated and provides comfort in a style. While for formal occasions, consider opting for luxurious pieces of fabric having beads or lace embellishments.


Do not let style ruin your Comfort. The abaya you are selecting should allow for ease of movement and not be too tight or restrictive.


Black is the most popular and traditional color when it comes to Abaya. However, the way the world and its choices evolve so do the color opportunities open to you. You can now choose a color that suits your skin complexion, the color theme of an event, or your personal preferences. It still adheres to cultural and religious norms no matter what color you are choosing.

Tips for Choosing the appropriate Length, Fit, and Style


An abaya fulfills its purpose by being of the appropriate length. It should adequately cover your entire body, including your ankles. Ensure that the Abaya you are considering to have reaches the top of your foot without dragging on the ground. If it is short, then it might not resemble its original shape and purpose. It is meant to cover your whole body so always opt for the appropriate length.


You should always choose a fit that complements your body shape without being too tight. A loose fit is traditional, but many trending abayas come with belts or drawstrings to add shape without compromising modesty. For selecting the appropriate fit, ensure it is not too tight around the shoulders, chest, or hips.


You should choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident while also adhering to cultural and religious norms. Choosing the right abaya style that complements your body shape is important. A-line abayas are a good fit for most body types as they flow away from the body, creating a flattering silhouette. For all the women out there who want to accentuate their waistline, empire waist styles are a good choice. In addition, if you want to create a traditional and modest look, straight-cut abayas are perfect.

What Should be the Base Outfit?


You can wear any trendy or stylish top underneath that goes well with your abaya. It is a modest outfit that offers style not neglecting modesty. However, avoid see-through or transparent fabrics that compromise modesty. You can choose from various high-necked and long-sleeved tops.


Moreover, you should opt for loose trouser pants or wide-legged bottoms for your base outfit. Skirts can also be a good choice if you want extra comfort. Ensure that the bottom you are choosing allows for comfortable movement.

Inner Dresses

For a coordinating base outfit, you can also choose among various inner dresses that complement your abaya and provide style. But, make sure the dress is not overly fitted and provides adequate coverage.

Putting On the Abaya

Putting on the abaya correctly involves several key steps. It includes

Selecting the Right Abaya

For putting on the abaya, first, ensure that you have chosen the right one. It should be according to the climatic conditions and in a beautiful color. The traditional Black will also work great. Moreover, make sure it fits your body well.

Wear Base Outfit

For an enhanced look and more coverage of the body, wear a suitable base outfit beneath.

Put on the Abaya

It’s time to put on your abaya. Firstly, slip your arms through the sleeves of the abaya, just like any other normal dress or gown. Adjust the length by ensuring it reaches your ankles. Make sure it does not drag on the floor or else you might fall. If your abaya has buttons or snaps in the front, fasten them from top to bottom. Moreover, if has an open front, overlap the sides to close the front and put on a belt or drawstring.

Draping the Abaya Gracefully

Start with adjusting the Shoulders. The abaya should sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping off. Moreover, the shoulder seams should align with your shoulders. After that adjust the fabric on your body by smoothing it. It should not include any wrinkles for a graceful look. Then adjust your sleeves, it should reach your wrists. You can also wear inner belts or strings that can be tied around the waist inside the abaya to keep the abaya in place.

Check the Neckline

Check for the neckline and make sure it is not too low. In case it is, you can wear the high-necked base outfit to ensure modesty.

Correct Use of Abaya Pin or Fastener

If you have chosen to wear an abaya that does not include internal fasteners, you can use discreet pins or fasteners to secure the overlapping fabric in the front. Put on the pins at appropriate intervals. Try to put them inside to prevent them from being visible. In modern times, you also have an option for magnetic abaya fasteners that can be used instead of traditional pins for a smoother look.

Accessories for Abaya

To enhance your overall look and make your outfit fashionable, you can now add accessories. You have got ample options for that including


For a decent and elegant look, wear some light jewelry that works well with your Abaya. Try adding some simple necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Remember to be careful as wearing excessive jewelry might ruin your look.


If want to add a style to your abaya that has a very loose fit, then consider adding a belt to it. Some abaya comes with a coordinating belt attached. It improves the look and lets you enjoy modesty in style.


To complete the look and add style, wear a matching Scarf. It lets you create a more modest look and adhere to your cultural and religious teachings. It comes in various colors and patterns that can fit many of your abayas.

Footwear Options

Consider wearing sandals if you want to complement your abaya with the best footwear. You can wear them in the modest heel that creates a stylish look and stays comfortable to walk. You can also opt for closed-toe shoes if you want more variety in your footwear that fits best with your abayas. Moreover, wear them in appropriate colors and avoid flashy and high-heeled footwear.

Handbags or Clutches

To carry your essentials, a handbag is a must. What if it appears odd on your outfit? It might destroy your look so always choose clutches that have adequate space for your stuff and are simple. Medium-sized tote bags in decent colors complement the abaya well. For a formal occasion, you can opt for little fancy handbags but ensure it should not appear extra.

Styling Ideas for different occasions

Casual Occasions

For casual wear, opt for abayas in lightweight and breathable fabrics that ensure comfort. Moreover, choose simple yet modern designs and pair them with coordinating hijabs. Add some statement jewelry. You can wear sandals or comfy shoes to complete the casual look.

Formal Occasions

Opt for fancy fabric such as Silk or Satin with embroidery or embellishments for an elegant and luxurious look. To enhance the look, add sophisticated jewelry and heels. Carry with you a matching clutch to complete the look.

Special Events (Weddings, Parties)

To appear attractive at special events, consider abayas made from velvet with lace embellishments. You should also add statement jewelry such as chandelier earrings and ornate bracelets that go well with our elegant look. Strappy heels or embellished sandals could be an excellent choice for enhancing your style.

Layering Options for Versatility


You can opt for a long-flowing cardigan that can be paired with your abaya in style.


For a more unique look, you can pair your abaya with a tunic.


A beautifully stitched blazer can transform your abaya into formal attire and make it appear more stylish.


Pair your abaya with a decent color jacket to enhance your style and look fashionable.


Drape an amazing coordinating shawl over your shoulders to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Mixing and Matching Abaya with Other Clothing Items


You can wear wide-legged trousers along with your abaya for a modest look. It aids in creating an elegant and sophisticated look.


You can wear a long skirt with your abaya by pairing it with a versatile top. It gives you a layered look and improves the appearance of your outfit.


For a modest look, you can wear a long tunic over your abaya, and don’t forget to cinch the waist with a belt.

When and Where You Should Wear Abaya

Religious Places

During the visit to religious places including masjids or shrines, women should wear an abaya to show respect and adhere to Islamic customs. Moreover, it is also appropriate in gatherings such as Milad.

Formal Occasions

You can also wear Abaya on formal occasions such as events, festivals, and weddings. It is highly preferable to add a touch of cultural elegance to the occasion.

Public Spaces

In many societies, wearing an abaya in public spaces is a significant norm. It emphasizes maintaining modesty in crowded areas.

Casual Outings

Wearing an abaya daily can also be appropriate for routine visits and activities. You can now roam around and shop comfortably by wearing casual abayas.