Romantic Spa Date Night During Your Honeymoon

Romantic Spa Date Night During Your Honeymoon

Planning for the wedding simply does not stop after the wedding giveaways have been finalized. Soon-to-be married couples not only look forward to a wedding that went off without a hitch but also to a honeymoon that can pay off the many sleepless moons of wedding preparations.

If a wedding is a celebration of love and partnership, a honeymoon is the newlyweds’ celebration of a successful and rewarding marriage. As such, it is also a perfect time to relax, bond, evaluate what went well with the wedding, and envision the new chapter of life ahead.

Hawaii, Maldives, Bali, Italy, and Greece are popular countries for a wedding getaway. But, since many tourist destinations worldwide restrict airline travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, honeymoon plans have forcibly been downscaled. However, this does not mean that you should defer your sweet escape and wait until everything is back to normal. You can level up your domestic travel and couple it with additional activities to make it grand. One of which that you can include is a romantic spa date night.

Adding this to your honeymoon activity list will not require more effort than you exerted during the preparations for the wedding. Honeymoons are usually booked 3 to 4 months before tying the knot to ensure that the after-wedding plan runs smoothly. Here are a few dependable tips that can help:

  1. Do a little research before booking.

Hotels and resorts have innovated their service offerings through the years. Brought by the high competition in comparison booking websites and travel forums, many offered and continuously improved recreational facilities. Some of these establishments offer a discount on their in-house spa upon booking. Others are more generous with a free couple massage on your first night. You may also mention that it will be your honeymoon, so whether they have any complimentary arrangements, they know that your stay requires top and seamless service.

  1. Plan on trying a new treatment.

Have you ever heard of hydrotherapy and vinotherapy? These spa trends are a must-try, especially during honeymoons when it is all about trying out activities for the first time. Vinotherapy uses wine-making residues like the pips and pulps to exfoliate and massage the body. This is a great way to combat any signs of aging. On the other hand, hydrotherapy utilizes water to alleviate any tensed muscle in a more relaxing technique. It uses hot tubs with powerful water and air jets to massage your neck, shoulders, and lower extremities. Both treatments revitalize and promote physical wellbeing. They are good add-ons to your regular massage.

  1. Prep for the massage.

Remember that both of you should indulge and get pampered during your honeymoon. Prepare a glass of wine and have a plethora of bath essentials ready. Rose petals, candles, and bath bombs make the perfect ingredients for a romantic and steamy bath. Make use of the time to ask each other’s help in scrubbing those hard-to-reach areas. You may also shave one another all over. The moment is all yours to take.

  1. Add more activities.

Never neglect the element of spontaneity during your honeymoon. Just like your wedding, activities have to be continuous. Seek for the list of the hotel and resort’s amenities to scale down your search. While some couples may simply find being on the pool or beachside with a cocktail as they show off their newly blinged fingers, others prefer supplementary off-site activities like a safari tour, horseback riding, or a museum walkthrough which your hotel concierge will be glad to help you arrange.

  1. Check out the restaurant’s menu.

A romantic spa date night does not end after a refreshing massage. It is only meant to give you the energy you need for the rest of the evening. Besides, you have traded many steaks for salads just to maintain your size for the dress. During your honeymoon night, enjoy a delicious dinner with your spouse and have a gastronomic experience with the restaurant’s food options. Hotel and resort restaurants have leveled up their culinary game. Some of them are even rated 5-star as restaurants or have Michelin stars. You may eat a lot but keep it clean, so you can move around when the love clock strikes.

  1. Take photos for memory.

Throughout your honeymoon, make memories in photographs so you can always go back to this time, remember the feeling and reflect on this story of your life as a couple in the future. Document every moment, and you will have it forever.

Make your honeymoon the night of many first-times. Experiment and find out what works and what does not. This is the key to making it worthwhile, pleasurable, and unforgettable. Keep yourself away from your mobile phones so you can live the moment together. Whatever you decide to do, ensure it is something you both can find enjoyable. Not all honeymoons and honeymooners are the same, but there will always be a honeymoon for every couple.