Travel apps for your road trip in the United States

Travel apps for your road trip in the United States

Trusting the digital world with your travel plans is common today. For this reason, it’s time to explore travel apps that could make your trip much more manageable. Remember when you needed a map with you to get anywhere or a Michelin Guide for a directory of places? Those days are long gone because you now have a smartphone, which lets you access these details. Road trippers have lots of resources to plan the perfect road trip. Some apps have been designed to help travelers who commute by car, and now you will know about them.


Roadtrippers is an essential app for anybody traveling by car in the United States. Roadtrippers is the ultimate travel planning resource. It’s useful for travelers who know the exact starting and ending point. The app will provide the best routes and recommend the cities to stop in and all the services you can find along the way. You will find recommendations for hotels, bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions. It’s free to download, but you have a premium version for extra features.


Travelers on road trips don’t exactly know where they will stay as they could choose to go to a campsite or head to a luxurious hotel. You will likely have a general itinerary but mainly spontaneous plans and changes at every stop. Also, you could have trouble with your car and spend a night in a city you didn’t expect. If you need a place out of the blue, HotelTonight has the answer. The app works with same-day reservations and finds a deal for nearby hotels. It can range from luxury resorts to bed and breakfasts. This could be a solution if you must rest from driving all day.


Groupon is the place to find the best deals during your trip. The app collects deals from all types of services and products. It has hotel rooms, restaurants, oil changes, excursions, and more. It’s free to use, and you can organize your findings according to a specific category or city. In addition, it helps you find new activities you didn’t know about and is also a helpful way to save money on the road.


Tripit is a straightforward app that organizes your itinerary. Although frequent fliers mainly use it, road trippers can find it useful for details about the hotel, dining, and shopping stops. Every time you book a hotel, restaurant, car rental, or another service, send the confirmation email to Tripit, and you will see it stored in the app. You will see your itinerary in one location. You can share your plans on social media or with friends who use Tripit. It also serves as a reminder for all your projects.

##Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app. It will be essential for your road trip. You can filter directions, check the fastest route, traffic state, intermediary stops, and more. You can download maps offline, handy when traveling through zones without any signal. Google Maps will also find restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, and gas stations. It helps you with reviews and recommendations. You can leave your review after using any service Google Maps recommends.


Using travel apps for your road trip throughout the US will always be a great idea. It will let you spend more time checking on other things, like the required documentation for your entry to the US. Depending on your nationality, you may be required to get a [US ESTA] This mandatory travel authorization is available for travelers exempt from a US visa who are traveling for tourism. Luckily, you can trust **iVisa** to handle the digital process. Fill out an online form with your data and the information in your valid passport. Expect an email from the platform with the ESTA and all the details for your entry. Show it to immigration authorities upon arrival in the United States and enjoy the country. If you feel hesitant about the digital procedure, contact their customer service agents, who are available 24/7. Don’t waste any more time! Get your documentation today and travel to the United States as soon as possible.