How To Select Shoes For Your Kids

How To Select Shoes For Your Kids

Parents think twice before buying anything for their kids, let alone for buying shoes. As children are in growing age, parents have to buy new shoes for them after every few months. Children under 16 months of age grow more than half of their feet in 2 months. Whereas children from age 16 to 24 grow half of their feet every 3 months. It’s the same for the rest of the growing children.

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Furthermore, in this article, you will learn how to select shoes for your kids and what problems they may face if you don’t get the right shoe.

Shoe Fitting:

Whenever you go shoe shopping, always take your kid along with you because getting the wrong fit for children is the most common problem. This is why they can’t walk properly in them. Such unfitted shoes give kids ingrown nails, blisters, calluses etc. To save your kids from such problems, check your kid’s shoe size properly before buying it. Moreover, if there is an insert in the shoe, then remove it and make your kid wear the shoe to know how much space is in there.

If the insert is non-removable, make your kid wear the shoe and press on the front of the shoe with your finger. There should be space between the edge of the shoe and the toes. Furthermore, check the depth of the shoe so that it is not pressing on its toes.

Quality and Durability:

Quality and durability will determine how often your kid can wear the shoe before it loses its shape and proper form. You must invest in a pair of quality shoes because they will be on your child’s feet. The low-quality shoe will lose their looks first, then steadily start to wear and tear. Those who can afford it will buy them, but the people who purchase shoes occasionally will encounter this issue. People often go for sneakers or leather pair for children.

As leather shoes are long-lasting because of their nature. In addition, sneakers are breathable in nature, which is the quality parents require in kids’ shoes.


Flexibility is a vital factor for which parents must look for in their kid’s shoes. Their shoes must be able to facilitate them without restricting their movement. Kids not only run, but they also walk, play, fall, and grow. Their shoes should be able to support all that movement without hurting their feet. Along with it, they should have a good grip on the floor to prevent slipping on different surfaces. Furthermore, the shoe must only be bendable at the toe part and nothing else.


Support is the foremost and most important thing a child’s feet need in their growing age. However, children have flat feet in the first few years of age. So they do not need arch support, but their shoes should be firm enough to hold the pressure exerted by them. The kid’s feet are more on the rounded side and are more comprehensive, so whenever you buy shoes from them, make sure that they have plenty of room. Moreover, their shoe should not have heels more than one inch; otherwise, their feet are going to be pushed forward, suffocating and hurting the toe.

Don’t Go Too Oversized:

Some parents think going one or even two sizes bigger is the right choice of shoes for their kids. As they are in their growing age, these shoes will be functional for a longer period. But that’s wrong specifically for infants as they have wobbly feet, so kids don’t get to learn to walk properly because of their shoes. It’s important to get fitted shoes for them, as they know to walk. Then you can start buying loose shoes for them after the age of four.

Moreover, the shoe you buy must not be too loose for kids’ feet that it is getting removed when they walk. Their shoe must only have an inch of a gap between the shoe and toes, nothing more than that. Furthermore, if their shoes are too giant for their size, then there is a potential that kids can trip or fall over.


This blog is about how to select shoes for your kids. Here you will also learn what problems your kids can face while wearing wrong shoes. Moreover it discusses the things you should consider to while buying their shoes such as Shoe Fitting, Quality and Durability, Flexibility, Support and Don’t go too oversized.