6 Unwritten Rules To Create Perfect Instagram Posts

6 Unwritten Rules To Create Perfect Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks globally, which helps brands and businesses attain their target market within a short time.

There are both excellent moves and wrong moves to advertise your Instagram business like other online endeavors. If you breach Instagram terms and conditions, you can do more significant damage than good moves. Here, you can get points on how to fix that your every content is perfect.

Begin With an Objective

An Instagram campaign starts with a clear goal like many businesses do in other networks. Why do you select the platform to promote your brand, which is more famous with millennials?

Don’t forget to be strong on your goals. For instance, don’t think that you need more clicks to your landing page as an Instagram marketing result. Rather than that, think about the percentage gains in engagements.

Once you have fixed your objective, then take some time to make personas to analyze with addressing the exact audience. For instance, experiment with three or more creative ideas instead of a single idea to attract more audience to your insta posts.

Bring Your Photos More Professional

If you wish to bring your brand image more positively, you want to spend some money for photography purposes. It is an expensive method but doesn’t forget you are reaching your brand over millions of people on a popular platform. If you provide a good image for your brand, it is an excellent move to your reputation. Instead, if your images don’t look professional, audiences won’t show any interest in your content and brand, so that you may miss lots of business opportunities.

Pick a professional photographer to take snaps of your industry products and accessories that helps you to catch target people for your brand.

If you don’t have enough money to call up a photographer, try an inexpensive way, “Canvas.” And also, you want to give perfect captions about your services or products to your fans.

Establish Your Human Phase

Let your audience get to know that there are people besides your brand with humorous, candid, and might be quirky images of your employees and yours regularly. Avoid using the platform to promote only your products. Along with product promotion, make your followers fresh with your creative ideas and fun moments.

Most successful brands on Instagram showcase their fun side with their audiences to develop trustability and get more followers.

Utilize Hashtags

The hashtag will be your best friend when it comes to marketing on social media. You want to post your images and video content with relevant hashtags every time. It’s the case you could get additional followers from the audience who just scrolled the posts with a particular hashtag, and also those audiences can convert into trustable customers.

There are two primary rules to remember while using hashtags. If you are a starter, you can use the existing hashtags which are relevant to your post. Otherwise, your post won’t get to as many people as possible. Use popular hashtags or find relevant trending hashtags in your post.

For instance, if you use generic hashtags like #business #news #social media in your posts, you could get more likes. In contrast, skipping to use hashtags in your posts leads to a gradual decrease in engagement. After some time, your post will be hardly seen on people’s feeds. So, if you are running a business, you must use the appropriate hashtags in your IG stories to get more IG story views and a wider reach for your content and to gain an authentic audience for your brand. The best way to determine the right hashtags is to use the Instagram search field to find out the trending hashtags that people who align with your niche use recently.

Don’t Kick Out Your Fans

If you have a product to launch, and your photographer takes 25 snaps of your product. Now, you are going to upload all the 25 images. Nope, if you upload 25 images at once, you encourage your loyal followers to unfollow you.

So, schedule your posts at different time intervals. There are many online tools to help you out with the publishing process. 

A famous brand on Instagram tried once to post ten posts a day, which suddenly increases unfollow counts. So don’t over-share your content. Posting one or two contents per day is acceptable. 

Keep Short Captions

Whenever you upload on Instagram, you should give some interesting and attractive captions to get more audience to your posts and gain vast engagements. 

But you need to provide captions for your short posts. Don’t forget that people are always busy, so write three or fewer sentences in the caption field. Bring essential points in the first half of the sentence, making the people read the entire caption. Placing a CTA(Call To Action) option in the caption field is the best practice to direct viewers into customers.

Begin Posting

A great marketing campaign on Instagram needs several Instagram posts. With the same move and a little experience, you could acquire more customers by destroying Instagram marketing’s power.

These are the six rules to follow while creating a great post on Instagram. Create posts that make the audience happier, maybe it is informational, educational, etc. At the same time, don’t upload so many posts within a short interval, which makes the audience more irritable and even a chance of increasing your unfollow count. Practice these points and get success on your first Instagram post.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.