Top 9 Tips For Digital Marketing During a Covid Pandemic

Top 9 Tips For Digital Marketing During a Covid Pandemic

With the day to day gradual spread of coronavirus, our world is facing a serious challenge but there is hope on the horizon. Businesses have been severely affected as the economy has taken a hit because of COVID-19. Initially grocery stores were left with empty shelves and gradually restaurants seemed to be like ghost towns. Now as a business owner you would be definitely looking for ways to survive this wave.

How can I connect my customers during a crisis? The most asked question by marketers today. With the application of social distancing, self isolating, remote working, there is a shift of market paradigm. Reaching the customers has become the biggest challenge for businesses and marketers navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

To help these marketers, so that they can smoothly run their businesses through these uncertain times, I would be sharing tips on how to be relevant to customers in this time, how to plan and manage your businesses and how to keep up the momentum of your work.You can view here now to hire top ppc specialist.

  • You must research your customers, about how your company is responding to the pandemic.

When you will be relevant to the customer’s needs, then you are reassuring them about how your company is responding and how it will be going to respond in this pandemic.

You can even apply a calming, reassuring tone with a positive message. The marketers should use videos with strong, warm, embracing visuals after all they are the best medium for site sounds and e- motion.

  • Shift your Brand online to stay connected with your customers.

One of the most important strategies is to keep going. Shifting your brand online will help you to keep connected to your customers. There are three key areas you should focus on, your story, website and data. Try to focus on your current marketing content and keyword strategy. Along with this, you should also check your PPC too. You should also keep this thing in mind that keywords which were targeted yesterday may not be relevant today, as these terms could be fluctuating.

  • You must relook at End to End sales processes and refresh customer Experience Strategies.

This COVID-19 has created unexceptional disruption and uncertainty of things has increased, so the marketers must focus their strategy in three crucial ways. The marketers should try to refresh their customer experience and look at their end to end sales processes. This will ensure they are able to respond with agility, engaging across different sales channels and optimizing processes.

  • You must focus on strengthening your relationship with your Customers.

You must try to communicate regularly. Customers today want a relationship with the companies with whom they do business is something beyond the term transaction but engaging. If you don’t have a regular healthy conversation with your customer then it is the time to build one. Be empathetic, focus on strengthening your relationship with your customer but the reason should be genuine and thoughtful. Try to ask them how they are doing along with exchanging life stories of caution and triumph.

  • You must introduce Empathy in your marketing communications.

Marketers should now need to ensure that they are using empathy in their marketing communications. Without it, communication can be seen as “ taking advantage of the situation”, and no one would want that label. Marketers can still support the automated distribution of messages and also helps to provide invaluable insights to how people are engaging with new messaging. Keeping empathy in contact and new innovative programs would create loyalty and also create a happy customer base during this current challenge.

  • Try to implement an agile strategic pricing model to the Margins.

In order to make rapid changes and protect revenue, you should focus on a short term strategic plan by implementing tools to enable valuable insights gained from a vast amount of customers. Marketers should implement an agile strategic pricing model which is the most effective way to quickly improve margins. Working in real time and availability of products or services at the most affordable price is imperative for short term profitability.

  • Work on your company values during this pandemic and refocus your engagement strategies.

Staying top of mind is all about creativity. The marketer’s main mission should be keeping the creativity and authenticity at their core and should reflect their values and strategies. Refocusing on your engagement strategies may lead your thinking towards new ideas, relevant ways to engage your customers, clients or employees in certain times.

  • Try to avoid the hard sell and reaffirm your commitment to the long run.

Step back from the hard sell and provide messaging that reaffirms your commitment to be there over the long term. When almost everyone is confined at home, video advertising has proved very impactful and serves as the connecting factor between communities. Keeping in mind that people may mute the video, so video imagery is the key. Transaction speeds, cost efficiency and flexibility are crucial in this situation of COVID-19.

  • Try to use marketing technology to stay connected to customers when working remotely.

Marketing technology plans a vital role. Brands can launch various new programmes, innovative approaches, and products with low adoption and frustrated customers. Marketers can show how their brand can best deliver the consumer value to the customers. Marketing technology can drive away the lagging traditional business techniques. The front seat in the technology roadmap will be taken by self-service, chatbots and asynchronous messaging.

I hope that this article has been helpful to you and it has been able to deliver all the information that was intended to.

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Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.