Instagram Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide for Businesses in 2021

Instagram Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide for Businesses in 2021

The home for all Instagram trends and styles, Instagram acts as an ultimate platform for posting pictures and videos. Instagram continuously grows, with over one billion monthly users across the globe. At the same time, the average use is about thirty minutes every day.

Marketing brands on Instagram are flourishing, and businesses understand the importance of promoting their brands on Instagram. According to a survey, 81% of users declare they use Instagram to discover products and services, and 90% of users follow a single business account. That makes the platform of opportunities for businesses worldwide.

By implementing the right strategy, you could engage with existing audiences, reach target customers, and stay consistent in this fast world. This article will guide you to build a content strategy that engages your followers, magnifies organic traffic, lead, and revenue generation.

#1. Open a Business Account

To run a business on Instagram, you have to tap “Change to Business Account” in Instagram’s account settings to create a business profile for your products and services. Switching from personal profile to business profile benefits your business where you will have a contact button for your audience to stay in touch with you.

Also, it adds a set of analytical features that helps you plan and organize your marketing strategies for your business. These features include,

  • Insights
  • Shopping and Checkout
  • Ads
  • Promoted Posts
  • Contact and Call-to-action buttons
  • Branded content approval
  • Quick replies
  • Swipe links for Stories

Once you have unlocked the

Once you have discovered the benefits of your business profile, you will have to decide on your Instagram marketing goals.

#2. Set your Goals

To build a successful content strategy, you must be aware of your wants and don’ts for your business on Instagram. There are many ways to promote business on Instagram; you have to opt for the best method that suits your brand. Instagram lets you to,

  • Sell products and services right from the app.
  • To showcase your products and divert them to your website.
  • Spread brand awareness through indirect ads like inspirational quotes, titillating visuals, lifestyle posts, testimonies, etc.
  • Stay connected with your followers by posting user-created content.
  • To create a monthly plan to share content consistently.

You could incorporate these methods to design a powerful marketing strategy on Instagram for your business.

#3. Know your Audience

Describing your demographics is an essential part of your marketing strategy. To better understand the followers, you have to review and analyze the data. The demography data includes audience interest, gender, age, and location are some basic details of your audience like,

  • The active users on Instagram with ages ranging to 25-34 years.
  • India and the United States have the maximum number of people that use Instagram.
  • Users on Instagram are most likely interested in film, music, travel, fashion, and food sectors.

So, once you know the people on Instagram, you have to split up the Instagram groups to discover the right audience interested in your business. For that, Instagram allows you to find out your target audience quickly. Some tricks and tips to know your potential audience:

  • Observe famous hashtags relevant to your brand.
  • Find events similar to your brand
  • Stalk your competitor’s audience
  • Check insights tools to understand your current followers.

#4. Analyze Using “Insights”

The analytical tool, which is native to the app, lets you get a thorough knowledge of your Instagram business profile. Besides a breakdown of audience demographics, you could also use the tool to see how your posts and contents perform on Instagram.

You could analyze your followers’ behavior and post engagement to blend in and alter accordingly. Also, you can see the type of posts that bring in interaction and the kind of posts with no sign of engagement, etc. Following the demographics data lets you construct a memorable experience for your audience. Knowing your audience is essential to discharge an impeccable follower experience and gain their attention.

#5. Instigate Expectations and Interest in your Audience

Making your audience look forward to your content is a solid emotion that creates wonders for your marketing strategy. You could approach methods to post like teasers of your products and giveaways or contests; it creates a feeling of expectation and eagerness with your audience.

Audiences these days are more intelligent; that is, most of them may not be interested in aggressive marketing. Therefore, as a business, you have to employ unique strategies to improve your posts’ effectiveness and boost engagement. Teasers and giveaway posts offer a gentle attraction for your brand among the audience, giving them a feeling of admiration and wonder.

Also, you can put up a hidden text in your posts to motivate eagerness and divert them to your website. Your followers might get captivated by teasers and giveaways that prompt them to buy the products. Although they don’t buy your product, they would communicate in your content by commenting, liking, or sharing with friends, increasing visibility and engagement.

#6. Utilize Instagram Stories and Reels

Instagram features stories and reels is a perfect way to promote a brand. Reels on Instagram, similar to TikTok, are very beneficial in producing demandable content to put your business relevant in this fast world. Around five hundred million people use Stories every day, and 86.6% of users share stories.

Every business must take advantage of these Instagram features. Stories are like a slide-show where it stays for 24 hours. Instagram also lets you save stories to archives. Stories features enable you to post unique content and experiment with it. You can post:

  • Tiny clips
  • Animation text and videos graphics
  • Selfie videos
  • Demo videos
  • Boomerang captures
  • Funny memes

#7. Share User-generated Content.

Posting user-generated content is the easiest way to boost engagement. Your followers do work for you! Ask your audience to post images or videos that showcase your products, then tag them when you re-share the content to your feed. Indeed, you could get them involved in your brand and get more automatic Instagram likes monthly to gain social proof and brand trust on the platform. Sharing user content is the most effective marketing strategy as the mentions and tags offer visibility and additional followers.

#8. Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram is flourishing rapidly, though many businesses neglect it. It is the most profitable way of marketing with huge returns. The influencer market to hit fifteen billion dollars by 2022.

Partnering with influencers on Instagram lets you build brand awareness and connect with potential audiences quickly. There are plenty of influencers and celebrities with millions of followers; when you partner with them, your brand gets excellent exposure. The key to effective influencer marketing relies on approaching the right one that portrays your brand to the target audience.


Set up a business profile to use its benefits, define content goals, and know your followers to share engaging content. Use insights to scale metrics like sundance growth, demographics, post-performance data, etc. Make use of reels, stories, and user-created content to display trendy, unique, and authentic content. Also, try to incorporate influencer marketing to improve the brand’s reach. I hope these marketing strategies help you to overcome your business challenges on Instagram.