How to choose best costume for your Body Type and Shape

How to choose best costume for your Body Type and Shape

Writer: Sarah Dagamseh

Did you know that wearing the suitable outfit for your body shape makes you look attractive regardless of your body’s weight? Some people may need help understanding their body shapes. It is essential to pick up your clothes carefully and accurately. Online stores provide offers on the latest fashionable clothes, such as Ounass, using the ounass code, which enables you to choose the best fashion and benefit from discounts at the same time.

First, it’s essential to know your body shape and type to get the best look, as women’s body shapes are divided into several forms, Such as:

The Rectangle body

This type looks like a rectangle shape, where it loses and gains weight from all body areas in the same amount and has no prominent curves. The appropriate dress for this type of body is the comprehensive set and loose pieces to hide unwanted body details and show the body in the perfect look. The Farfetch store provides discounts on various clothes. pick your favorite clothes using the Farfetch promo code.

The Pear-shaped body

This body is characterized by the distinctive shape that many women desire. If you’re apple-shaped, you can wear tight shirts and narrow or loose pants, in addition to tight dresses, whether long or short, and prominent accessories and high heels can also be worn.

The Slender body

This type is characterized by the absence of prominent curves, and that is less than the natural weight, as it is preferable to gain some weight to obtain the ideal body shape and to obtain the best look, it is recommended to choose a suit of moderate size that is not tight that does not highlight the skinniness of your body, in addition to dresses that are not tight because they show the body in a beautiful and suitable appearance.

The Apple-shaped body

In this type, the body is fuller in the upper part than the lower part, so the shoulders, abdomen, and chest area appear full, while the buttocks and thighs are less in size, so it is preferable to wear clothes that are narrow in the chest area and loose in the abdomen area, in addition to non-tight dresses Which gives the body consistency and beauty.

The Hourglass body

The body of this type is ideal as the shoulders are in harmony with the chest, waist, and buttocks, and the body shape remains attractive even if it is complete. Choosing clothes is easier because the body is mainly flawless, where it is possible to wear narrow or wide garments and dresses, in addition to tight sets that highlight the body’s beauty.

Some women suffer from appearing inappropriate despite buying the most expensive and beautiful clothes due to making mistakes in choosing the appropriate pieces. Here are the most important of these mistakes:

  1. Imitation and buying clothes that may not suit you. Some dresses are suitable for a particular body, while they do not fit the shape of another body.
  1. Choosing light fabrics that show body imperfections and do not fit all bodies.
  1. Choosing inappropriate colors, as it is recommended to wear warm colors for whole bodies, in contrast to stark colors that suit slender and moderate bodies.
  1. Wearing tight clothes that show underwear and unwanted body details.

Every woman is beautiful and attractive if she takes care of herself and her appearance and stays away from blind imitation, as a dress may seem flattering to one person but might not be suitable to another. As a result, it is possible to achieve the best look without chasing fashion trends and wearing everything released in the market.