Sports Watches: Top Features for Sports Fanatics

Sports Watches: Top Features for Sports Fanatics

Humanity saw a constant evolution of watches since we started timekeeping from the onset of civilization. Tracking shadows with sticks turned into hourglasses with sands, then came the analog clock that further evolved in digital ones. The world has seen constant evolution in every human innovation to accommodate more convenience and pace. 

Watches today are available in “smart” variants that help us make better use of our time and life. Twenty years ago, nobody could have thought that in the future, their wristwatch could take calls, measure their heart rate, or even find the shortest route to their favorite escape room Koramangala with just a few taps.

While smartwatches and fitness watches are becoming increasingly popular, sports watches are being updated with new functions and tougher designs to keep up with the competition. Sports watches are extremely useful, long-lasting, and usually water-resistant gadgets. These watches are clearly readable, shockproof, scratch, and resistant for a more durable function. Is the sports geek in you looking to buy the sports watch best suited to your needs? Here is a list of features are worth looking into-

1. Design –

A decent sports watch should have a fashionable design that is suited for regular wear (unless you want to use it solely during workouts). Ideally, A sports watch should be completely waterproof, with an intelligent and sleek design. 

2. Display –

The display quality of any sports watch is one of its most essential features. It is best to look for watches with sharp and vibrant panels. These are great for glancing at your stats during workouts and measuring your performance. An illuminated display for optimum functionality in the dark is also something you should look for while shopping.

3. Sensors - 

Every good sports watch should be able to track your heart rate accurately using onboard sensors.  Extra features such as ECG capability and a blood oxygen sensor are becoming exceedingly popular among users. A built-in GPS chip that allows you to precisely map your outdoor activities is an added bonus! You can scout for specific features that suit your particular requirements. 

4. Multiple sports mode –

Even though you may primarily participate in one sport (for example, running), it is advantageous to purchase a watch that can track a variety of other activities. Most sports watches can measure your walking distance, but can they also track your swimming strokes and laps in the pool? You can change your training regimen and obtain different data points to monitor your endurance, and physical performance with a good sports watch. If you’re a triathlete, this function is very important.

5. Alerts and Alarms –

For obvious reasons, athletes must adhere to rigorous routines, and so an alarm function becomes one of the most fundamental features that you should look for while shopping.  When compared to a watch, a mobile phone cannot be relied upon for alarms and alerts owing to its size and the maintenance that it demands. Today the market offers watches that come with a built-in feature for different kinds of alarms and alerts, including the hydration alert. Not only does this serve an essential purpose for athletes, but it also helps them keep a tab on their hydration requirements.  

6. Battery Performance –

Before you buy a fitness watch, consider its battery life and contrast it with your workout schedule. Every viable alternative should provide at least a full day’s worth of mixed-use activities, if not more. The latter will have a conventional wristwatch mode as well as an exercise mode with continuous fitness tracking sensors.

7. App syncing –

A sports watch that tracks your fitness activities accurately fails its purpose if you can’t view its metrics easily. A proper sports watch must have an associated app (or apps) with which you can sync your watch to get more information about your workouts. A fully-featured app that syncs with your sports watch may show you important workout metrics like average heart rate, pace, distance traveled, and more. Not only that, but the app should present these data points in a clear and accessible manner so you can track your progress toward your fitness goals.


When buying a sports watch, you should aim to optimize and tailor your athletic activities with the overall goal of improving your performance. Thus, the sports watch that you choose should depend on your taste (and budget), but also your training needs. Keep in mind that the most expensive option isn’t always the best.

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