8 Last-minute gift ideas if you’re in a rush

8 Last-minute gift ideas if you’re in a rush

Gift giving is a love language, choosing one for someone you love is a rush for you and them both but sometimes things don’t go your way. There are times when you can’t give proper time and attention to getting a gift. There are various reasons for that to happen – busy at work, procrastination, forgetting it, lack of ideas, impromptu occasion, and so on. Don’t beat yourself up when that happens, we’ve all been there at times.

So now that this is out in the open, it’s better to move on. Whether you’re looking for last-minute gifts for your lover, spouse, parents, siblings, or any other amazing person in your life, you don’t have to look further because we’ve got some ideas for you. Read more for 8 simple gift ideas that can save you when you’re in a pinch.

1. A Subscription to OTT apps like Netflix, HULU, HBO Max, etc.

Be it watching a show while you eat, a Netflix & chill sesh, or just playing something in the background Ott apps have become a regular in our lives. A subscription gift card would make a perfect last-minute gift, there’s no fuss regarding getting one as you can just get it online. And this is one of those last-minute gifts that won’t look like one, instead, the person on the receiving end would greatly enjoy using it and it would also save them some money so a bonus!

2. Gift cards for subscription to music apps

This may sound a bit similar to the previous one but hear me out. A lot of people live busy lives, could be because of work, family issues or even traveling so they won’t have time to watch something, right? But what they do have time for is music apps, no matter how busy we get music stays a part of our everyday lives.

We listen to music during commuting, while cooking or doing other chores, and even in the shower at times. A gift card to a music app is a great ‘minimum effort’ or last-minute gift idea, the most amazing part of this is no more repetitive ads! You can choose from different options like Spotify, Amazon prime music, Apple Music, and more. You can even choose what kind of subscription you want to gift, quarterly, annually, family plan, etc.

3. Get them a gift from their Wishlist

If it’s a family member who you want to get a gift for then there’s a simple way to know what to get them. It might be a little sneaky but you can easily get access to their Wish lists’, and just order their gift right there. It can be a fun surprise when they get exactly what they wished for, there’s no better gift than giving them what they want.

4. Subscription Packages

(Photo by Julia Volk from Pexels)

Subscription packages are more than a one-time gift, as they last all year long! Nowadays, there are so many options available online so you don’t even have to worry about not finding what you’re looking for. Let me explain a bit better:

  • For morning people: Subscription to tea and coffee boxes is the ideal gift for them. Not only will it help them save a trip to the store but it’ll also introduce them to new flavors from around the world.
  • For foodies: Choose from options of chocolates, sauces, sausages, cheeses, and more for the foodie in your life. There is no better gift for a food enthusiast than this, trust us!
  • For Booklovers: Now, if you are a book lover or you know one, you’ll know how much they love buying books! So, use this and get them a sub to book boxes, you can even customize them according to genres, colors, no of books, and so on.
  • Flowers: Now I know it may not be a new idea but a flower sub is definitely a sweet gift. You can choose the time frame for delivery I.e., weekly, monthly, etc. And you can even select the flowers if that’s something you’d want. This gift is perfect for almost everyone may it be your partner, a friend, and your parents!
  • Alcohol: We all know that alcohol is a great gift but the only thing that would make it better is a year-long sub! Choose from different types of alcohol like beers, wines, tonics, fruity and more. The person on the receiving end would definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift if they like to drink.
  • For pet owners: Pet owners love it when they get to spoil their pets, so why not give them a gift that’ll do it for them? There are a lot of options available online that would send packages for pets. Those packages can include treats, toys, accessories, and more.

Countless packages are available for various interests and activities. Clothing, geeky goodies, cosmetics, socks, or a mystery box can all be given to your receiver. The possibilities are nearly limitless. You may even get them plants as a present, that’s a thing now.

Subscription-based gift services also include personalization options like sending a card with a message or a special video to let them know what they’ve signed up for, which can help the person who gets it become excited as they wait for the gift to arrive.

5. Gift Baskets

If you want a less expensive gift instead of a subscription package then you can choose to give a gift basket. It may be a one-time gift but as it’s a package, it will include a lot of goodies together. Another benefit of a gift basket is that you can choose more than one them for it; for instance, instead of choosing just a food-related gift, you can choose a gift basket with food and drinks.

If this sounds like the perfect gift idea for you, just go to PickGiftBasket to get yours! They even have a variety of delivery options based on your needs, sounds good right? We know.

6. A whole spa day

(Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash)

With the fast-paced life, the stress with it all, especially now after the pandemic quarantines. The changes it has brought personally and professionally have been a lot, so why not gift someone a chance to take a break from reality. With a spa voucher, you can help them relax, mentally as well as physically.

Gifting them a spa day is a fantastic way to help them de-stress, increase stamina, and alleviate pain. If you know someone who’s been feeling anxious or in need of a break, a massage can help them feel better right away.

This idea is ideal if the person is a working individual, housewife, or a new mother. Because you know they work extremely hard both at home and in the workplace, and you most likely take priority of the needs of everyone before your own. This gift gives them the perfect moment to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. So, they can avoid burnout by pampering themselves. A spa day gift provides the ideal time to relax, unwind, and reflect. When they need to go back into their schedule, they’ll be able to do so with renewed energy and purpose.

7. DIY kits/supplies

(Photo by Junseong Lee on Unsplash)

Having to stay at home because of the pandemic has been tough on everybody. We’ve all handled it differently but one common thing is to try new things. Some tried cooking, some painting, some learned an instrument, the point being that we all got into it.

So, why not give DIY kits as gifts? You won’t just be getting them a thing but you’ll also be giving them a chance to experiment, experience something new. Here are some kits that would make a good gift:

  • Make your own jewelry kits
  • Knitting kits
  • Origami kits
  • Pottery kits
  • Tie-dye kits
  • Crochet kits
  • Macrame kits
  • Painting kits
  • Make your own candle kits
  • Terrarium kits

8. Personal Coupons

Now, this gift idea wouldn’t cost you any money, although it will cost you in some days, let me explain. You can make a coupon book, and make coupons with various things that you will do for them.

The only thing you need to understand and do to make this gift is to list down an act of service or a thing per coupon that you’d do for the other person whenever they used it. Not only is this a personal gift but a really helpful one, so go ahead and write some down.

Here are some ideas for things/tasks that the coupons can include:

  • A long drive
  • A grocery run
  • A cooked meal by you
  • A picnic day
  • A ‘no questions asked’ favor.

I sincerely hope that this last-minute gift guide helped you out. Anyone in your circle will appreciate the gesture, the work, and love you put into getting them a present, whether it’s something they really need or if it’s something a little more personal. Remember that the perfect gifts should be useful as well as unique. Write some of these down just in case you need them again sometime in the future.