Best 7 Expert Facebook Ad Design Secrets to Increase Conversions

Best 7 Expert Facebook Ad Design Secrets to Increase Conversions

Scrolling through the wall of social media and boom you come across an ameteur Facebook ad. The image is not clear, the Copy is very much blurred and you are in a complete confusion of what they are selling.

Starting with the facebook ad design is not at all easy and there is a lot that we have to take into consideration. The facebook ad design is a very important thing because this is the only way of how we visually communicate and present ourselves to the public. A company can have an amazing product but if the facebook ad design is not at all appealing or it is confusing then it will be very hard to get traction

If we want to make a great ad design then:

  • It should catch the attention of the reader
  • It should educate them about who we are and what we are offering
  • It should tell them what are the important steps that needs to be taken for the conversion

Every new campaign gives you a better experience and you can witness many things.

Every information is very important for the pros and the new beginners alike because these will save your money from being wasted on the ads that the readers just scroll past and your target audience doesn’t get converted.

Now if you all are ready then we can dive deep into the topic and learn some secrets behind the designing of the facebook ads so that they can help in a large number of conversion of audiences:

  • Select a specific Ad format in the design process

Before hurrying for the nitty gritty details of how the ad will look, you first need to be sure about the ad format you will be using. If we take the example of facebook, it currently has eight main ad formats along with several other variations, each designed for different marketing goals. Facebook’s ad format includes photo, video, stories, messenger, carousel, slideshow, collection and playables. Before going for the design process, you must know how each of these ad formats can be used to maximize the impact of your ads. And most importantly remember one thing: you can use a variety of ads, so you can easily choose more than one.

  • Always keep your landing page consistent with your ad.

The facebook designs for ads and the landing page should be perfectly in sync visually otherwise there will be high rates of bounce

The landing page and the facebook ad design have some common elements like font, image arrangements, etc

This helps the user to understand that the landing page that has appeared after the ad was clicked is nothing new but the continuation of the same ad design

So while we design the facebook ad and the landing page then we should make the design with some common elements so that the readers can get an early transition from the facebook to the website and the other sources that are there. look at this website for hire a top social media marketer.

  • Keep your call to action clear and to the point.

According to research , users spend an average of 1.7 seconds browsing an individual post. Design your ad to grab attention by making your value proposition into the image and keep your call to action to the point. There are few value prop which can push the brand’s website towards a new step like,”Discover today’s sale”, “ Shop now” or “ Plus free shipping”.

  • Understand the psychology of colour.

When designing your ad, the colours you choose are as important as the images or text. More specifically, colours are used to grab the eyes of readers, define your brand identity, and connect your products with certain emotions.

  • Set correct image size and aspect ratio.

Once you’ve decided your ad, first you need to be sure that your images or videos must have the correct aspect ratio. Images and videos that are poorly formatted can be distorted, grainy or difficult to see. If you need assistance regarding keeping of aspect ratios and recommended sizing on facebook ads, bookmark our guide to facebook ad sizes, so that you barely make such mistakes by yourself.

  • Ad placement plays a vital role.

Your facebook ad placement is just as important as the ad format. The amount of space you have for designing the ad is determined by the ad placement and designing without pre planning about the ad specs can be disastrous. To select the best ad placement for your desired objective, you should know all your probable options. The few common ad placements and tips on how you can use them are as follows: desktop news feed, desktop right column, mobile newsfeed, marketplace, in-stream video, stories and audience network.

  • Making of the powerful images:

We all know that everyone of us aren’t photographers or graphic designers and thus when we need to hire specialists it becomes very pricey

For the products and services of the company it is better to use the photos and images that need no editing but sometimes it is not possible

When the readymade photos are not available then we need to search the databases of the different apps which contain high quality stock photos

Once we get in touch with the perfect design , we always want to edit it and for this there are many platforms where there are hundreds of templates and we can pick anyone to design our ad.

I hope that this article has helped you a lot about knowing the best strategies to design the facebook ads so that there is an increase in the conversion You can look at this website for hire a top social media marketer.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.